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If the OA does not save for maintenance and therefore does not maintain the property properly, the property becomes neglected. The consequence of this is that the owners of the houses suddenly have to pay a large amount to prevent further decline. Often such money is not available. By having a multi-year maintenance plan made and saving money for maintenance, the OA ensures that maintenance is done properly and on time.

An OA decides on all matters that concern the entire property and which therefore fall under the joint responsibility of the owners.

Every apartment owner is obliged to pay their share of the common costs of the OA.

The split deed contains, among other things, the rights and obligations of apartment owners and the right to vote. The split deed also shows the share for which the owners must contribute to the costs of the OA.

Yes, this is mandatory according to the division deed/division regulations. Your own individual home insurance can be terminated as of the commencement date of the joint OA home insurance. Usually it is sufficient to send a written request for cancellation per commencement date of the OA building insurance in combination with a copy of the OA building insurance to your insurer or insurance advisor.

The liability insurance is mandatory and covers damage to third parties (or third-party property) caused by (defects in) the property. Consider, for example, a roof tile that is blown off the roof and causes damage to a car.

The members of the OA determine this (ie. the owners themselves). The budget/operation must be taken into account: maintenance, insurance, bank costs, reservations and other fixed costs.

Mutually, the meeting discusses how much money can or will be saved for this per month during that year. The amount of the contribution per owner depends on the fraction that is in the deed of division of the apartment. An owner of a larger apartment has to pay more than an owner of a small apartment.

Each member must then deposit an extra amount in the maintenance fund.

The director/administrator of the OA must annually give an account of the financial management of the OA. The director will also prepare the budget estimate for the coming year. This will then be approved or disapproved by the members/owners of the OA.

As the owner, you can request a meeting with the current director/manager. Ask the director to put the resignation or reappointment of the director on the agenda of the meeting. Should the director be unwilling to cooperate in this, you can also convene a meeting yourself. With a majority of votes, the OA can dismiss the director and appoint a new one. We can of course help you with this. Send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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